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Read how Gow Learning has exceeded our students’ expectations.

‘The training provided was great. It really helped me to improve myself and my presentation when dealing with customers. The specific ways that my understanding and skills have been improved include dealing with customers, my presentation skills and my overall self-confidence.’

Mohit Bansal, Service Associate

‘Thanks to this training, I feel more competent in all areas of work as every aspect was valuable in some way. A key thing I learnt was how to take the time to talk to staff and get their input and also to give praise where it is needed.’

Judy Baldwin, Cook/Kitchen Supervisor

‘I feel that my understanding and skills have improved a lot and it has given me more knowledge about what my job really is. The program has given me challenges and taught me to set goals. I now understand how to provide true customer service. Thank you for providing a course that was so very helpful.’

Matalena Vacau, Service Associate

‘As a full time working mother with two young children, I found the flexibility of this course meant I could read the "Learning Guide" in my own time. The learning material was not overwhelming for busy people to fit into their lifestyles, as I was able to quickly grasp each Phase of the learning material and relate it to my current work environment. When it came the assessment time by the Gow Assessor, I was able to respond to these assessments by drawing on real life projects my team was already working on - which was brilliant as it meant I could use examples from "workplace" experiences to answer these assessments.’

Petula Davie, Secretary to CEO, Calvary Health Care Sydney