About Gow

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About Gow

Our Background

The Gow group of companies commenced operations in 1990 as a management consultancy. Since that time, Gow has developed into a multi-faceted organisational development consultancy, operating throughout Australia and New Zealand for a wide range of large and small to medium enterprise clients. We operate across both government and non-government sectors.

For our large corporate clients, Gow tends to provide specific consulting solutions on a project by project basis, which complement and enhance existing human resource development initiatives.

For our small to medium enterprise clients, Gow often provides all of a client’s existing human resource development across sales, management and operational requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist organisations create high performance workplaces by training and empowering employees to think and act in ways that create success.

Our corporate values and vision are represented in our logo, which features a stylised eagle. The eagle represents the importance of focus, strength, leadership, autonomy, boldness and the freedom to soar.

Our People

We pride ourselves on our experienced and highly capable team of people who are passionate about helping individuals and organisations to thrive. The board of directors of Gow Learning includes Robert Gow and Leanne Walsh.

Dr. Robert Gow has built up a highly successful business with a client base that includes many of Australia's most successful and innovative companies. In addition to a passion for education and learning, Robert has a Bachelor of Education, Master of Education and a Master of Business Administration. Robert’s PhD research focussed on identifying essential factors which facilitate positive transfer of leader learning, with a significant focus on the use of informal learning methods by leaders in the workplace.

Leanne Walsh is a highly skilled business educator, communicator and author who has consulted to some of Australia’s largest and most successful companies. Leanne has published over 100 learning titles, primarily in the areas of leadership, personal development, coaching and communication. Leanne holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Science and a Master’s Degree in Education.