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Macquarie Generation

‘I now have a better appreciation of what allows me to achieve to a higher level on the job. I have learnt to focus on the positives. The course helped me focus on my strengths and prompted thought as to how to boost my development and harness my strengths. It was certainly a welcome change to traditional approaches.’

Wayne Enks (Bayswater Power Station)

KONE Elevators

‘The program directly addressed our requirements in a manner that was both participative and interesting. It addressed the needs of participants, improved individual output, created a team environment, was consistent with KONE cultures and values and had meaningful and work-relevant assignments.’

Steve Taylor, Manager Doors


‘The training provided was great. It really helped me to improve myself and my presentation when dealing with customers. The specific ways that my understanding and skills have been improved include dealing with customers, my presentation skills and my overall self-confidence.’

Mohit Bansal, Service Associate

South East Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service

‘As a full time working mother with two young children, I found the flexibility of this course meant I could read the "Learning Guide" in my own time. The learning material was not overwhelming for busy people to fit into their lifestyles, as I was able to quickly grasp each Phase of the learning material and relate it to my current work environment. When it came the assessment time by the Gow Assessor, I was able to respond to these assessments by drawing on real life projects my team was already working on - which was brilliant as it meant I could use examples from "workplace" experiences to answer these assessments.’

Petula Davie, Secretary to CEO, Calvary Health Care Sydney