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Inspire your employees

Do you sometimes need something extra to motivate your team to get things done? Do you sometimes wish you had a magical ingredient to inspire your team to achieve at a greater level? A keynote speech from either Robert Gow or Leanne Walsh may be what you are looking for.

Robert and Leanne engage their audiences by challenging them to think and perform at a greater level – for people to become more today than they were yesterday. However this is not delivered in isolation, as a brief will be obtained from you to identify key improvement needs and to familiarise the speaker with the needs of the target audience.

Key topics include:

  • De-clutter your mind and your life
  • Grow intelligence by developing a growth mindset
  • Solutions focussed problem solving - “What would it look like if I could?”
  • Giving positive feedback – catching people doing something right
  • Build strengths rather than cultivating weaknesses
  • Developing self-control – a limited resource

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